Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Time Capsule: May, 2006

The Forsythia ushers in another New England spring. Interesting times. Can you be for a free-market society and against 'big oil?' Another question: Why does everyone focus on the nine cents that oil companies take from a gallon of gasoline but turn a blind eye on the fifty cents that government takes in taxes?...Bumper sticker: Press 1 for English...On the streets of Boston they are giving away the Boston Herald to anyone and everyone...I think it's hilarious to see the mainstream media seething at the success of Fox News...'United 93' tops at the box office...I have never once seen an episode of American Idol and I have never missed an episode of 24...The problem isn't high gas prices now; it's all the exploration and R&D and focusing on alternatives to foreign oil that we didn't feel the need to do many years ago. We're reaping now what we didn't sow then...


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